Towns and Nations


Join/Create a town to claim land. You can see a list of all the towns with: /t list. If the town is β€˜(open)’, you can join with: /t join <townname>. You can invite a player with: /t invite <name>. Visit a town with: /t spawn <townname>. Claim a plot that’s for sale with: /plot claim. Create your own town for $15.000 using: /t new <townname>.

The town bank pays daily upkeep and plots. Deposit money with: /t deposit <amount>. Plots are 32x32 blocks, claim using: /t claim. Change plot permissions: /plot set perm. Change town permissions: /t set perm. Find info about a town using: /t <townname>. For more help use: /tgui or /t help.


A nation is a group of towns together. You can create a nation for $100.000 using: /nation new <nation_name>. You can add towns by typing: /nation add <town_name>. You can give people in your nation special ranks as well.

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