Selling items

Many basic materials can be sold to the server. Sell items with /sell <item> [amount]

Sell all possible items in your inventory:

To see all possible inputs, use /sell

Check the worth of an item with: /worth <item> [amount]


Items can also be sold in the auction house. To open the central GUI, use: /ah

Browse through items

To sell, use: /ah sell (price) [amount]

An auction lasts for 24 hours. Unsold items will be moved to โ€˜Cancelledโ€™. Retrieve these items within 12 days


Auctions appear in chat

Everyone can bid with: /bid

For an overview of commands: /auc

To start an auction: /auc start (amount) (price) [bid increment] [buy out] [duration]

Cancel your auction with: /auc cancel

Ignore auctions with: /auc ignore


In the spawn we have a special area with shops. Teleport there using: /market.

Buy/sell items to/from players in chestshops

Set up a chestshop by using this format on a sign:

Instead of item name: hold the item in your hand while writing the sign and add a question mark on the last line

You can rent a shop in the market area. Prices range from $250 to $2800 per day (Price is based on size and location).

To rent a shop: /as rent [name]

Open the GUI with: /as gui

Find all commands with: /as help

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