Other notable features


Backpacks are extra inventory slots. There are different sizes for different ranks. Check /ranks for more info. Ranking up increases backpack size. To access your backpack use /bp. You DO keep your backpack on death

Better concrete

This plugin is a faster way to make concrete. Fill a cauldron with water, throw the powder in it to get solid concrete. Use a furnace to convert concrete back to powder.


To make an elevator, place a quartz block on a redstone block. Put new floors straight above or below. Each floor can be a max of blocks apart. Jump on it to go up, sneak on it to go down.


The headdatabase has over 44k custom heads. You can buy them for $500 per head. Find all heads with: /hdb, or search for a specific head with: /hdb search


Teleport to a saved location. Ranking up increases the amount of homes. Check /ranks for more info.

To set a home: /sethome <name>. To teleport to a home: /home <name>. To delete a home: /delhome <name>. Set a home with the same name to move it.


Level up skills to gain special abilities. To view your levels, use: /mcstats. To view your ranking overall, use: /mcranks. To display the top levels from a certain skill, use: /mctop . For more information about a skill, use: /<skillname>.

Pvp toggle

To PvP, all players involved must have PvP enabled and be in a PvP enabled area. You can turn PvP on and off by typing: /pvp. This command can be done every 3 minutes. To check your status: /pvpstatus. For a list of players with PvP on: /pvplist.

Save Trading

Exchange money, items and XP without being scammed. Both players need to accept the trade.

To trade with someone: /trade <name>

To toggle trades: /trade toggle

To block a player: /trade block <name>

For more help: /trade help


Stack up to 5 spawners in 1 block. Add new spawners by right clicking on the already existing spawner. Max 1 stack of 5 spawners per chunk. Max 20 spawners (4x5) per grinder

Xp storage

Players with Brigand rank can store XP. To deposit: /xp deposit <amount/all>

To withdraw: /xp withdraw <amount/all>

Check your XP bank: /xp balance [player]

To see global top /xp top

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