New players can join 2 Job. Unlocking new in-game or store ranks will allow you to join additional Jobs. Every time you increase your level, your income is also increased by +1%.

Type: /jobs browse to open the GUI


  • Brewer - Earns money from brewing potions.

  • Builder - Earns money from placing blocks.

  • Chef- Earns money from crafting and cooking food.

  • Digger - Earns money from digging.

  • Enchanter - Earns money from enchanting items and books.

  • Farmer - Earns money from harvesting and planting crops. Tame, breed, shear and milk animals and collect berries and honey.

  • Fisherman - Earns money catching fish.

  • Hunter - Earns money from killing monsters and animals.

  • Miner - Earns money from breaking stone and ores.

  • Netherworker - Earns money from breaking blocks in the nether and killing the monsters in it.


You can do daily quests for extra money. These quests starts when you reach job level 15. Check your quests and progress with: /jobs quests. You can skip 1 quest per day by clicking on it. Higher job levels give higher quest tiers

  • Tier 1 : level 15 - 44 $1000

  • Tier 2 : level 30 - 59 $2000

  • Tier 3 : level 45 - 100 $3000

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