Other builds

To engage with a build created by another player, use the following commands:

/build tp <ID> Teleport and view a build.

/build like <ID> โ€˜Likeโ€™a build submission.

/build comment <ID> <comment> Leave a comment.

Each of these three engagements will reward the following point values:

  • 1 View = 1.0 Point

  • 1 Comment = 4.0 Points

  • 1 Like = 10.0 Points

Our custom build system makes it very easy to discover new builds on the server. To do this, use the โ€˜/build listโ€™ command. Below are some examples of how to properly use this command:

/build list new Newest submitted builds.

/build list player <name> Builds submitted by a player.

/build list trend Currently trending builds.

/build list points Builds which have earned the most amounts of points.

To view more detailed information about a specific build, use the โ€˜/build info <build ID>โ€™command.

View all build submissions on the ShadowKindom Builds Website.

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